Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Rescue Missions: Cutting-Edge Solutions for Effective Aid

R1 - Innovative Solution for Effective Rescue Missions

The R1 is an unmanned aerial system, designed specifically for operations in inaccessible or hazardous areas. It is engineered with an optimized selection of components to meet the demands of long-distance flights and ensure maximum safety even under challenging weather conditions.

AED - cargo drop

This solution enables effective response to medical situations in hard-to-reach areas, improving the chances of prompt first aid and saving lives.

Autonomous Flight

Autonomous takeoff, flight path execution, and delivery of AED cargo to the accident site, return to a specified location, and autonomous landing.

Foldable Frame - Easy Transport in an Operational Backpack

The R1 introduces a new dimension of mobility, featuring a drone equipped with a foldable frame, perfect for easy transportation in an operational backpack. The innovative design allows for quick and convenient folding of the drone's frame, making it extremely practical and significantly reducing the preparation time for a rescue mission.

74 km/h


18 min

Flight Time

6 km


R1 - Reliability in Every Environment

The R1 drone is equipped with a GSM locator and a vision system for real-time image transmission. Our rescue drone represents an excellent blend of innovation, efficiency, and versatility, created specifically for complex rescue operations. The R1 drones can quickly reach hard-to-access areas, especially where traditional rescue means might face difficulties. This allows rescue services to obtain vital information about the scale of the disaster, terrain structure, or location of victims.

Speed and Accessibility Thanks to their mobility and ability to fly over difficult terrain, they can shorten the response time in emergency situations.

Monitoring and Situation Assessment Our drones are equipped with cameras and advanced sensors that allow for precise monitoring of the situation at the scene.

Minimizing Risk for Rescuers Our drones can be used to conduct initial assessments of the situation without exposing rescuers to danger.

Capability to Operate in Varied Weather Conditions

With the ability to operate in various weather conditions, the R1 drone becomes an indispensable tool for rescue services, enabling them to effectively respond to emergencies regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. This drone can operate in areas where traditional rescue methods might face difficulties, ensuring safety and effectiveness of rescue operations in all conditions.

Safety Systems and Collision Avoidance

The R1 drones are equipped with advanced safety systems, such as collision sensors, to avoid obstacles and minimize the risk of damage during rescue missions.

Ease of Use and Intuitive Control

For effective use in emergency conditions, our solution is easy to operate with intuitive control, allowing for quick deployment in rescue operations.

Explore Modern Capabilities with the Innovative Project R1

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