Versatile Drone with Flexible Versioning for Diverse Applications

Revolutionize Your Operations:

OCRA Universal Drone with Flexible Adaptation for Multiple PurposesA revolutionary drone that gains an edge through its versatile versioning capabilities. This advanced aerial system is specifically designed to deliver excellent results across a variety of operational scenarios. Discover a new dimension of possibilities in aviation with our advanced drone, ready to fulfill every task.


Our drones can operate autonomously, based on algorithms for collaboration and communication, enabling them to perform a variety of missions using the power of collective machine intelligence.

Reconnaissance and Monitoring

Scanning and monitoring large areas. The ability to collaborate enables quick and precise data collection, which is especially useful in hard-to-reach areas.

Aviation Innovation Revolution - Perfect Combination of Components and Pioneering Safety

Our drone is not only a testament to the perfect combination of components but also a true revolution in the aviation world. Perfectly adjusted components allow for the creation of a model that meets the diverse needs of customers, while safety and efficiency make it a true pioneer among market offerings. This unparalleled combination of innovation and functionality redefines standards in the drone industry.

120 km/h


45 min

Flight Time

30 km


Thanks to flexible features, our drone becomes a key tool for diverse tasks:

From reconnaissance missions, where precise observations are key, through search missions, where quickly locating targets is a priority, to pursuit, combat, and transport missions, this drone adapts to every challenge.

Reconnaissance Missions: Equipped with advanced sensors and high-resolution cameras, the drone enables precise terrain observations, providing valuable information from the air. Ideal for monitoring areas, data collection, and conducting real-time reconnaissance.

Search Missions: The drone quickly and efficiently searches areas for missing persons or objects, thanks to precise location systems and the ability to respond swiftly to dynamic situations.

Transport Missions: The ability to carry cargo makes our drone an ideal tool for delivering essential supplies, from medications to rescue equipment, to hard-to-reach places.

Border Protection and Public Safety

Drones in SWARM mission can act as systems for monitoring borders or areas of high strategic importance. They are capable of collecting information, tracking movement, and collaborating to ensure public safety.

Distributed Terrain Mapping

A group of drones can scan an area from different perspectives, creating three-dimensional terrain maps. This feature is useful in operation planning, land management, or construction preparations.

Combat and Tactical Actions

Advanced autonomous missions, tactical maneuvers, reconnaissance, or exploration in hard-to-reach areas.

Discover the future of drone technology with the innovative OCRA ProjectJoin global leaders who are already benefiting from our unique solutions.

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