Intelligent Management: Creating an Innovative UAV Communication System

Bridging the World of IoT: Modern UAV Platform Management

LAZARUS is a flexible electronic communication system for remote management and supervision of unmanned aerial vehicle missions. This innovative system allows for remote control of IoT devices from anywhere in the world, merging local and global perspectives. Discover the potential of smart management that LAZARUS offers and adapt to the future with our cutting-edge technological strategy.

Seamless Remote Control

No matter where you are in the world, effortlessly oversee and control your drones, ensuring full flexibility and control from any location. Discover a new dimension of remote UAV flight management.

Local Collaboration

Without internet, without satellites - a local wireless RF communication mode for operating IoT devices. This flexible approach allows for efficient operation in various terrain conditions.

Multi-Level Security and UAV Fleet Management Efficiency

The Lazarus system enables a multi-level, secure approach to managing a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles. It uses redundant encrypted radio communication modules between flying platforms and control and supervision stations. With it, you can manage your UAV fleet quickly and efficiently in real time.



2 km


Dual radio


Discover Lazarus: Our System, Your World of Safe Flights

Every unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a unique IoT device in our system. Thanks to automatic remote identification, our advanced management application responds instantly, minimizing the time needed for mission planning. Security and efficiency are now within reach!

Real-Time System: Monitor and control each connected device based on always up-to-date data and parameters.

Security: Communication between all system elements is encrypted using the symmetric AES algorithm, utilizing unique 256-bit length keys.

Globality: Thanks to the ability to use WAN networks for communication between Lazarus system nodes, you can seamlessly manage UAVs from anywhere on earth.

One Solution - Efficient Control

Recent years have seen dynamic development and a significant impact of unmanned aerial vehicles on the world of technology. With the continuous expansion of their functionality, skilled and seamless management of them both on the ground and in the air becomes crucial. We offer an innovative solution that provides full control over a drone fleet, enabling maximum utilization of their potential in any application.

1 – 128 UAVs Scalable

You can simultaneously oversee from one up to 128 unmanned aerial vehicles.

0.1 Second Instantaneous

That's how long the Lazarus system needs to provide you with current data from UAVs.

Discover the Potential of Intelligent Management Offered by LAZARUS

Adapt to the future with our innovative technological strategy. Connect the World of IoT with LAZARUS now! Contact us.

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